About Us

Lanarkshire Carers works with and for carers to develop and deliver services that make a positive difference to their lives.

We place carers at the heart of our organisation to ensure the services we offer are effective and accessible, regardless of personal circumstances or caring situations.


Our Vision

"To develop and deliver services that make a positive difference to the lives of carers in Lanarkshire"

The vision of Lanarkshire Carers is underpinned by a commitment to place carers at the heart of the organisation and ensure that our services are as effective and accessible regardless of personal circumstances or caring situations. 


Our Mission

"To ensure that carers in Lanarkshire are well informed, involved, supported, and empowered"

The mission statement of Lanarkshire Carers  is underpinned by the values of the organisation that are embedded in everything we do. 


Our Aims

Lanarkshire Carers works to empower carers to take a full part in all areas of its work and believes that carer involvement should be more than consultation. It should empower carers to take a central role in designing, developing and delivering services and to take ownership and responsibility for services.

Lanarkshire Carers is a valuable resource to carers, carers groups and organisations. Our aims:

  • Carers in Lanarkshire are identified to ensure that they are informed, supported and empowered to manage and sustain their caring roles
  • Carers can access breaks from their caring role and enjoy a life outside caring
  • Preventative and emotional support is available to carers at an early stage and ongoing throughout their caring journey
  • Carers have a voice which is heard, listened to and effective
  • Carers receive training and development relevant to their caring role
  • Communities and partner organisations are aware of carers and their issues
  • Ensure carers are aware of their rights and are recognised and valued as equal partners in care


Our Values

The values come from people who have dedicated much of their lives to caring for others and are reflected in the conduct, behaviours and attitude of trustees, staff and volunteers:

Our History

Princess Royal Trust Lanarkshire Carers Centre Ltd was established in 1995 with the aim of providing support services for carers across Lanarkshire. We operate as a separate legal entity, an independent organisation, and affiliated partner of the Carers Trust Network.

In January 2015, Princess Royal Trust Lanarkshire Carers Centre Ltd adopted the operating name of Lanarkshire Carers Centre. The move of the registered office in Hamilton and organisational developments required a brand and information review to reflect changes locally to the organisation and nationally to the Network to which we are affiliated.

Carers Trust was formed from the merger of The Princess Royal Trust for Carers and Crossroads Care in 2012. The charity has sought to establish itself and its brand with Network Partners and externally to ensure that carers get the recognition, support and services they need to live a life outside of caring. The collective size, range and reach of Carers Trust across the UK with carers means the foundations are in place for working peer to peer, sharing, growing, building and developing for the benefit of carers. The Carers Trust is a charity for, with and about carers, working with a unique network of 116 independent Carers Centres to make sure that information, advice and practical support are available to carers across the UK. As an affiliated network partner, Lanarkshire Carers contributes to the development of its aims and objectives. 

In 2015 Carers Trust began a consultation exercise as part of the strategic planning process for the future. This will result in an overarching strategy for carers with a shared set of outcomes for the next five years. As an affiliated network partner, Lanarkshire Carers is involved in this process and is also represented on the Scotland Working group through the Managers and Trustee network representatives.

HRH the Princess Royal continues to be patron of Carers Trust which is an important part of the history of the organisation in Lanarkshire.

About Us