Lanarkshire Carers shaped for the future

You will notice that our brand has been updated. As an affiliated network partner of Carers Trust for the past 25 years, we have grown into the successful organisation we are today.

Carers Trust has recently rebranded and our new look and operating name will complement and comply with this. Our brand reflects our status as an independent organisation delivering innovative services in new ways, retaining our affiliation to Carers Trust and aligned to all of the national carer organisations. Consultation and development over the past year has led to the new look for the organisation agreed by the board and welcomed by the team. We need an image that better reflects us and the services we provide with and for carers in Lanarkshire.

We want others to see us and refer to us, know what we do and understand how we do it. Lanarkshire Carers is more than just a centre; a building or static point of access. Our services are varied, personalised and available in many formats and cover all areas of Lanarkshire. Many carers and stakeholders refer to us as ‘Lanarkshire Carers’ already and adopting this as our operating name makes sense.

We are in the process of updating our brand on our printed publications, signage and across all our online platforms. Please bear with us whilst we make these changes.

Last updated: 21-Sep-2020