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Lanarkshire Carers works with a range of organisations to help raise awareness of carers, the issues they face and the support they need.

We recognise that professionals who work for these organisations have an important role to play in identifying carers and providing information on the services available in Lanarkshire that can help carers, including the services provided by Lanarkshire Carers.  

We continually work to develop our partnerships with local statutory, voluntary and private sector organisations.  Professionals are encouraged to refer to Lanarkshire Carers where we can offer a range of information, advice and support to suit carers needs.

Refer a carer for support

You can make a referral on behalf of a carer using our secure online referral form:

Click here to make a referral online

Alternatively, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your referral further. 

Refer an individual for an Anticipatory Care Plan

Anticipatory Care Planning is about having the opportunity to chat with the people important to you, about the kind of care that you would like or not like to receive, This is an important opportunity for people to have conversations with carers and loved ones about the type of care that they would like to receive should they become unwell.   

Lanarkshire Carers can assist carers to complete an Anticipatory Care Plan which is then shared with the GP practice who upload it onto their eKIS system.  With the persons permission this plan can then accessed by other health professionals for example, ambulance staff.

An Anticipatory Care Plan belongs to the individual and our staff can support the carer to complete this in a way that is non threatening, allows for reflection and discussion and with someone they feel comfortable.

If you have identified a person who would like to have a conversation with us about an Anticipatory Care Plan please complete this referral form and we will contact them:

ACP Referral Form

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More Information

If you would like to speak to us about any of the services we offer, or would like to discuss how we can work in partnership with your organisation to support carers, please get in touch:

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