On Demand Wellbeing Library

Welcome to our on demand library of self – care videos. You can access these at any time when you feel you could do with a bit of extra help. Just click onto the video and it will play.

These short videos are designed to give you a short break away from your caring role and to help you cope better with life as a carer. These are particularly helpful when you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Make sure you take the time to look after yourself.

We hope that you find the videos beneficial and enjoy them regularly.

We also have live online training courses in these subjects as well which you can book by clicking here.

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This audio will give you 5 minutes of uninterrupted relaxation time to quiet a busy mind.

This audio will give you 10 minutes of uninterrupted deep relaxation to bring you to a calm state of mind.

This video will give you 5 minutes of general mindfulness techniques to help slow you down and begin to live in the moment.

This session will take you through mindfulness for anxiety and stress to help calm you down and feel more in control.

This video will give you simple tips on how to prevent back pain and help you to keep your back healthy.

An, easy to follow, video to help you to be able to do a home Facial Massage as part of your self- care routine. It would be helpful if you have the following items to hand- Cleanser/Toner/Face cream or oil/tissues/cotton pads and a bowl of warm water.

A calming video of simple steps on how to carry out a hand an arm massage at home. It would be helpful to have the following items to hand – Bowl of warm water/Soap or hand wash/towel and oil or cream

A new online course from NHS Lanarkshire Psychological Services all about emotions, coping and wellbeing. This course is made up of five videos, each one lasting about 20 minutes, giving you lots of useful information. There are booklets to go alongside the videos, which can be downloaded to dip into further and keep track of progress.

Click here to access the course overview and to register


A highly beneficial video to watch in times of high stress and anxiety to give you instant help and get you back to feeling calm again.

This video is a short introduction video to Yoga for Carers and what is involved in a yoga session.

This video will give you a lovely 30 minutes yoga session which is suitable for all levels. You can work to your own ability.  Have a mat or towel ready to practice on.

This video will give you tips on how to improve your mental and physical health when you are feeling overwhelmed and will help you turn around your mind-set instantly.

A beginners guide on using Air dry clay.

A short video, produced by Scottish Allied Health Professionals, to give you advice on personal foot care. This video will give you helpful tips on general foot grooming , allowing you to take good care of your precious feet at home.

This video will give you an introduction to the wonderful benefits of the Morphfit Gentle Movement class. These are gentle exercises that help with your mobility and general wellbeing. You will be able to join a class online by accessing our training program.

An Introduction to personal development and life coaching and how it can help improve your outlook on life.